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Re: [IP] bubbles in reservoir

At 10:27 AM 1/24/1999 Julie Britt wrote: 
> I usually leave one infusion set in for 4 days, but I have found that after
> the second day lots of bubbles appear in the reservoir.  I know they were
> there from the time when I filled it, and they are showing up because some of
> the insulin has been pushed out.  They aren't very large, they look like
> bubbles in a soda.  The thing that worries me is that there are so many of
> them.  My question is, does anyone else have this problem?  Could they be
> harmful? Any tips on how to get less bubbles in there when I fill the
> reservoir?  

I used to have this same problem. When filling the reservoir try tapping it on
the side with something really hard. I find that rapping on it with my
fingernails does not work, but using the handle of something like a hairbrush
does (don't laugh). Virtually every time I do this, I can see all sorts of
little bubbles scooting towards the top of the reservoir. 

I guess maybe I need to market a special reservoir de-bubbler... it would
consist of a hard stick that would be artfully decorated, to make it fit in
with your pump decor.   :-)


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