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Re: [IP]High BGs on pump

It is 2:15 pm and my blood suagrs have dropped now to 224..Whew..
Now was it the set-up? Or the fact that anti-inflammatory kicked in?
I will wait a couple of days and switch back to soft set..anyway- am

At 01:57 PM 1/24/99 , you wrote:
>I have a question...I started in the MiniMed switching from the Disetronic
>night. I used soft set (I ususally use bent needle) my BG never got under
>281..A little while ago I checked and they were 311. So I took out the soft
>set...put in a new cartridge and put in a bent needle and bolused.
>They (BGs)  are beginning to go down. My question is: Are there some people
>just cannot use the soft set?  Or maybe it was the site I put it in. I use my
>abdomen area all the time rotation side to side at each change of set up but
>maybe the tissue can't absorb right?
>Another thought is I am beginning a huge MS and RA flare and all glands are
>swollen the one on the left side on neck by shoulder is size of tennis ball
>I have ALOT of pain. I know that doesn't help either.
>So do I use the soft set or bent needle and assume it is the flare up?
>I really do hate these multiple health problems. I am suppose to be on 5 mg
>prednisone per day but I really hate to take it now. On the other hand it
>my pain away so maybe that would help. 
>I also am looking at a bone marrow transplant. My immune system is very very
>damaged/bad almost not functioning and this is a very real option
>I guess my BGs are acting up because I am sick..I don't know. I don't
think it
>is either one of the pumps or set-ups..I am a bit confused now and am in alot
>of pain. Due to my bad immune system I also have chronic candida..I need a
>vacation from all of this. 
>Needed to vent..sometimes when I write things out I see what I need to do..
>Ginny (just when I thought I would like the soft set)
>email @ redacted
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