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Re: [IP] Soft set question?


The sof set needle that you use to insert, the metal part, never touches your
site.  So, unlike the bent needle and the old sets you are protected from those
old needle problems.   I first started pumping 17 years ago and at that time,
there was a trend that people seemed to be able to wear the metal needles for a
year or more with no problem.  After that, many (not all though) developed
reactions to them.  I can remember once being at a conference 4 or 5 years after I
started pumping with 4-5 pumpers in the high school/college age group and all the
laments about the constant pain, irritation, and site infections from the old
metal needles which they eventually replaced with sof sets.  The idea was that by
covering the needle with the plastic sheath, you cut down on the abrasion and
allergic reactions to the metal.  It really worked too!

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