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Re: [IP] going low w/ pump

At 07:36 AM 1/24/1999  Mary Jean Renstrom wrote:
>><<  I will forget what I'm
>> doing right in the middle of doing it and stand there wondering why I
>> walked into this room, or opened this cupboard.  I believe there is a
>> definite correlation between memory and bg. >>
>> What is the explanation when those of us without DM do the same thing? I
>>can't tell you how many times I have opened the microwave to get something
>>that is normally found in the refrig. LOL
>>Barbara B.
>Oh, Barb, now you're taking away my excuse!!!  I didn't want to admit that
>it might have a correlation to the number of candles on my birthday cake
>(or the number of gray hairs on my head!)  Seriously, I still do this even
>when my bg is normal, but it seems to happen more frequently when I'm
>having trouble with lows.  

Don't feel bad, I do this all the time... I can't remember all the times
that I've gone into a room and don't have a clue as to why I went there. Of
course, "she who must be obeyed" knows why... "you're getting old", my
better half always says. I won't (of course) recount the number of times
she can't find her keys, wristwatch or purse... ;-)

>And, when my bg is low, it is much harder to
>figure out that the milk isn't kept in the microwave!

Especially while it is turned on...  <vbg>


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