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Re: [IP] Re:female hormones

Hi Virginia, I had to LOL when I read your post.  You have discovered what we
all eventually find out, that most endos are good in an emergencey, but not
very good on the day to day problems we face.  Get the book Pumping Insulin by
John Walsh and just figure it all out yourself.  That is what I did and I rely
on my endo to do all the blood testing and emergency stuff that is beyond my
capability.  Since being on this site, I have learned alot of useful info, but
I have also decided that I am Type EG (Ellen Griffin) and you are Type VA
(Virginia Akin).  Noone can figure you out like you can and it requires work.
You have to take the time to do it, but you will be happy that you did.  Good
luck.  ellen
p.s.  My bg does just like yours premenstrual and drops like a rock when my
period starts.  
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