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Re: [IP] going low w/ pump

><<  I will forget what I'm
> doing right in the middle of doing it and stand there wondering why I
> walked into this room, or opened this cupboard.  I believe there is a
> definite correlation between memory and bg. >>

> What is the explanation when those of us without DM do the same thing? I
>can't tell you how many times I have opened the microwave to get something
>that is normally found in the refrig. LOL
>Barbara B.

Oh, Barb, now you're taking away my excuse!!!  I didn't want to admit that
it might have a correlation to the number of candles on my birthday cake
(or the number of gray hairs on my head!)  Seriously, I still do this even
when my bg is normal, but it seems to happen more frequently when I'm
having trouble with lows.  And, when my bg is low, it is much harder to
figure out that the milk isn't kept in the microwave!


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