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Re: [IP] Re:female hormones

    The single most telling word in your whole post is "HE"....When HE becomes
a pumping female, tell him you'll be happy to listen to his advice...Until
then, FORGET IT!!! There have been MANY female posters here who have
corroborated exactly what you're seeing. Even my 16 yr old daughter runs
consistently HIGH the day prior to getting her period & consistently LOW the
day of...Happened again this week. In fact, we were even commenting on how
amazing it is that the hormones impact on insulin resistance in such a
predictable way ( given that almost NOTHING about diabetes IS
    Welcome to the world of "cyber support" & the reason why doctors with
Napoleonic complexes do the "Internet eyeball roll" (wasn't that Ted's
contribution????) when their patients tell them stories like yours.....You
tell me - whom would you listen to- a doctor who has limited experience with
pumps & doesn't really believe in them OR e-mails from a group now numbering
900 members who LIVE with pump therapy 24 hours a day????

Regards, Renee
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/