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[IP] Re:female hormones

I asked my endo about this because I will shoot to 200-300 premenstrual. 
HE (emphasis on gender!) says it is incredibly rare that this would be
caused by hormones.  This is also the doctor who doesn't think pumps are
that great and wanted me to do boluses with a needle instead of the pump
(I refused!).  Two other endos in town, one with a Napolean complex (I
fired him for a number of reasons) and one who uses a pump on himself and
is double-booked with appointments into June. (sigh!  I wonder how his
stress level and sugars are, poor man!).  I'm really frustrated because I
got the pump just before seeing this doc, I know it's potential, I know I
need it because I have so much trouble with long-acting and because I'm a
nurse my schedule is ridiculous.  I just wish I knew how to adjust and
make it work better.

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