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Re: [IP] Any Canadians or Maritimers

At 01:34 PM 1/23/1999  Michael wrote:
>> At 04:12 AM 1/23/1999  Michael wrote:
>> >> At 04:58 PM 1/22/1999  Michael wrote:
>> >> >> I'm one of two pumpers in the Yukon.
>> >> >> 
>> >> >Ahhhh...... Fill out an Insulin Pumpers information form and I will 
>> >> >put the map of Alaska on the ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page.
>> >> 
>> >> Yeah, but the Yukon ain't in Alaska... not unless they've moved the 
>> >> recently. <vbg>  Do you have a Canadian map too??
>> >
>> >duh..... I knew that!
>> Reminds of the folks that ask if New Mexico is part of the U.S. or
>> not <vbg>
>Isn't that near the Yukon??? didn't the 49's find gold there or 
>something?? hmmm... well it was out west anyway <g>

OK, so Youkon, Wekon, Micron, anyKon will do... (if you've seen one you've
seen them all... right?)  :-)

[Geography 101] The '49ers found gold, but just a wee bit south... like in
California, in 1848 (the main gold rush was in 1849/1850). It wasn't until
1897/98 that the Klondike gold rush took place. The Yukon Territory is
slightly above California... like north of British Columbia and east of
Alaska. Also looks like only about 25,000 people live up there, of which
only 2 are pumpers. [class dismissed!]


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