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Re: [IP] Soft set inserter question?

> I am about to insert a soft set for the first time using the
> inserter device. That looks like it hurts! I don't have the nerve to
> do it I don't think yet I have been using the bent needle for close
> to 4 yrs now.. Is anyone on the list using this device and does it
> hurt? Please email me as soon as possible- thanks- Ginny
> email @ redacted

That's what my 12 year old (now 15) said too, she also was using bent 
needles. After the first time, I couldn't get her to use the bent 
needles up -- that was if for them. She now uses both SofSets (with 
the Serter) and Tenders. From an application point of view, she likes 
the SofSets better. The Tenders seem more reliable
email @ redacted
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