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Re: [IP] Soft set inserter and soft set

Well- I got it in!..and I don't think I like it. It stings..and now I have a
lump because of how it is made and there doesn't seem to be enough tubing to
make a loop without the quick release area being in the way.
With the bent needle it was flat nothing sticking up. The "tape" that has the
hole in it that goes over the infusion set isn't very sticky..it is stiff.
IS there another tape? I put a tegaderm over it but that doesn't seem to hold.
I'll give it a try but I think I will go back to the old bent needle set up if
this doesn;t work..I wonder if the silouette (sp) would work better??
With the silouette does one use the soft serter? 
I went to use the soft serter once and it didn't do anything..neither did it
the second time..but then I pushed it a little harder and it went in and I
didn;t feel it.  I do feel a little stinging sensation in the site now but
again this is the first time I have used a teflon "needle" I hope I am not
allergic to that?
I am now on my new Mini-Med507C..I have my good ole Disteronic pump next to
me..I hope the MiniMed works as good for me or even better . My doctor wanted
me to have the square wave and dual bolus option so that is why I am now using
the Mini-Med 507C. I got a blue one:)
Thanks to those who replied to me..I really appreciate this list.
Now I will be sure to monitor my blood sugars..I will check now and again in 2
hours..It will be a long nite..If this set up keeps stinging and itching I
use a bent needle set up..Things will be ok..the inserter looks worse than it
is..it looks  like a giant finger pricker!
Thanks again:)
Ginny who has stopped being anxious so now ya'll can have a good laugh!
email @ redacted

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