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RE:[IP] First day and ths @#%! tape!


There are several prep solutions which might help.  I would
suggest a 3M product called "No Sting Barrier Film."  This
works best for me.  I've also tried tincture of benzoine and
tincture of benzoine compound.  Both of these work well too,
but they are iodine based and for my skin led to pretty ugly

The other ideas regarding technique.  You want to make sure
that the skin is dry from whatever wipe you've used,
particularly alcohol.  Many of the adhesives are alcohol
soluble and hence a bit a alcohol will present a problem.  




Today is my first day with the MM 507C.  I'm just pumping
saline for now,
but hopefully this time next week I'll be pumping the real
thing!  Anywho,
my first problem is with the tape I received from MM.  It
doesn't adhere
worth a ... well you know <smirk>.  Granted, my mid-section
abit....uhhh.. furry, but I'm hoping someone out there has a
tip or maybe a
suggestion on a better tape.  I would like to leave shaving
my middle OUT of
the equation if possible, thankyou very much!  :o)

Any help is much appreciated.
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