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Re: [IP] High bg on pump


Perhaps you have not tuned your basals correctly.  With only
15 days of pumping you may not have this component of pump
therapy correctly set.  I suspect that you and your endo are
working on this.  When I started pumping, I saw my endo
every couple of days, and then once a week until we had
things pretty well established (I still have to re-adjust on
occasion).  What does your endo say about your bgs?  I
presume that you have changed infusion sets , generally
every 3 or so days.

Good luck,

  To everyone:
I'v been on the insulin pump for15 days  my BG has been in
the 200+ all day
should I change my infusion-set or is it normal to run this
high of BG using
the pump?
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