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Re: [IP] going low w/ pump

Karen wrote:

  Here is another question:  Don't laugh at
>this one....I go low alot----do you think going high/low (I mean stupid low)
>can do something to your brain?  I feel like I'm not as smart as I was, I
>catch myself doing really stupid things at work. Now I'm into writing stuff
>down so I remember to do them.  Maybe my brain cells are dieing lol lol lol
>I can't believe I'm asking this :)


No, you aren't alone in this.  I've noticed that when I have episodes of
trouble with lows that my memory gets *really* bad.  I will forget what I'm
doing right in the middle of doing it and stand there wondering why I
walked into this room, or opened this cupboard.  I believe there is a
definite correlation between memory and bg.

Finally, I adjusted my bg target zone to be a bit higher, striving to stay
between 90 and 160 rather than between 80 and 140.  It made a real
difference for me.  I hated feeling like a "ditz" because I'm really not!

Good luck!
Mary Jean

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