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Re: [IP] High bg on pump

>  To everyone:
>I'v been on the insulin pump for15 days  my BG has been in the 200+ all day
>should I change my infusion-set or is it normal to run this high of BG using
>the pump?


I know that others have already suggested that you do change your set.
However, I feel compelled to tell you about the possibility that it is your
female hormones causing you grief.  It is very common for a woman to
experience a few days of higher blood sugars during the week before her
period starts.  They usually drop back down on the first or second day of
the period.  If this sounds like it might be the cause for your high bg's,
then start by raising your basal rates by .1 and see if it helps.  After
your period starts, and you notice the first instance of being lower than
you should be, set them back to normal.

For more information on this, read the FAQ on the IP website:


Mary Jean

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