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[IP] going low w/pump

I recognize that, I was going low so often the first summer of pumping, that
I thought I had lost brain cells, and was going stupid forever!  My endo had
me lower all my basals .1 and  go for a month of higher bg's to stabilize.
This seemed to work, for then I was able to bolus down if I went too high,
but the amazing thing was that the overall effect my tests stayed in a more
normal range. ???  I was having a terrible time, and didn't know what I was
doing.   I tested and tested, and tested some more.   That summer was tough,
but I learned a lot about myself, and how to deal with pump issues.   The
endo finally got one right, and ;o} I didn't end up with a stupid button in
the middle of my forehead  for people to push for me so I would understand
I don't envy what you're going through, but it will get better, and you're
not losing your mind.   It only feels that way.   Hang in there, work on the
basals, it takes time before the brain gets back, but it will return to
normal.   Everyone needs a vacation sometime, so just think of it as that.
Hope this helps.  Laurie B.

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