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Re: [IP] First day and ths @#%! tape!

Bob Hill wrote:
> Today is my first day with the MM 507C.  I'm just pumping saline for now,
> but hopefully this time next week I'll be pumping the real thing!  Anywho,
> my first problem is with the tape I received from MM.  It doesn't adhere
> worth a ... well you know <smirk>.  Granted, my mid-section is
> abit....uhhh.. furry, but I'm hoping someone out there has a tip or maybe a
> suggestion on a better tape.  I would like to leave shaving my middle OUT of
> the equation if possible, thankyou very much!  :o)

The MiniMed QR sets, and other versions, need added external tape to hold them
on. I never could understand that design philosophy, it mostly seems to be
the greatest inconvenience and bother HAD to be included. Then I saw an ad for
Comfort sets, which are also sold by MiniMed as Silhouettes, or Disetronics as
Tenders. Rather than going straight in, with just a small tape on the base
and a lot of tape on top, the Comforts have a large tape firmly attached to
the base which seems to hold against almost any condition.

Besides that, the Teflon canula goes in on a slant from the side, so when 
the set gets pushed in a bit it just flexes the Teflon rather than working it
and out of the skin which often leads to crimping. I also find the adjustable
depth allowed by this approach to work better for me since I have little fat 
in the area and going into muscle because of the straight in approach often 
lead me to replace sets all too frequently.

You might want to check them out at MiniMed's webpage:


Then you won't NEED tape! 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years, MM506 for 5 with Humalog (5 to 1) with R
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/