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Re: [IP] peek time - high to low

> Hi All,
> For the past 3 weeks(maybe longer), I have been feeling like Iam
> low, I test, and iam "normal" to abit high..  About 20-30 mins
> later, i still feel like iam low, i test again, and then IAM LOW.  I
> have always peeked at the 2 hour mark, but lately, like the past 3
> days, up to 6 hours later i take a dive.  Anyone have any
> suggestions as to why??? Thanks for any suggestions, Jul dx at age 9
> mos (1967) ALL complications kidney/pancreas tx 2/93 lost pancreas
> 2/97 pumping since 1/98

If you are using straight Humalog in you pump, then YES to your 
question. These are exactly the symptoms that Lily experienced prior 
to mixing H/V. The mix took the 'edge' off the H without changing the 
onset for eating, etc.... I can provide more details if you give me a 
better idea what you would like to know

Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/