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Re: [IP] going low w/ pump

This is Karen again about those low's.  Thank you Ted, LR & Sam with the
advice.  I'm excited about going on the pump but, today I found out there is a
little insurance problem :(  hopefully the doctors office can do there thing
and get things moving in the right direction again.  My diabetes is very
unpredictable lately...... a couple days I'm low then I'm high ????? I try to
eat the same carbs.  I don't know.   Here is another question:  Don't laugh at
this one....I go low alot----do you think going high/low (I mean stupid low)
can do something to your brain?  I feel like I'm not as smart as I was, I
catch myself doing really stupid things at work. Now I'm into writing stuff
down so I remember to do them.  Maybe my brain cells are dieing lol lol lol

I can't believe I'm asking this :)
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