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Re: [IP] High bg on pump

When I go high on pump I check my infusion site and if after 2 highs I change
it..then check again..if still high I test every 4 hours and bolus on sliding
scale til down. IF it doesn;t come down in reasonable time then call the
and don't forget to check for ketones.
Ususally highs for me means nfection coming (bladder, tooth etc) or my
are changing..then if it is hormones I change basal and check more frequently.
course always watch food intake
Ginny 9My new minmed gets started on me tomorrow..we still have my old pump)
email @ redacted

At 10:55 PM 1/22/99 , you wrote:
>Hi.  The usual protocol is to change out the set if you have 2 unexplained
Bg's over 240.  Could you be catching an infection or beginning menses?
>Ladies (and Gentlemen) of the list, do you all have any suggestions?
>Take care Tammy,
>IDDM 13 y  M507 w/ Humalog 2 y
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>>   To everyone:
>> I'v been on the insulin pump for15 days  my BG has been in the 200+ all day
>> .
>> should I change my infusion-set or is it normal to run this high of BG
>> the pump?
>> Tammy
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