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[IP] had to share!!!!

hey all... am so excited here that I just have to share this with folks
that understand... am 2 weeks into pumping and saw my bg averages from 179
including many lows to 153 without a single low... what a strange feeling
to go so long without one... 

endo and I finally figured out a ratio for bolus and tweaked the mid
morning to cover my highest part of the day... guess my dawn phenomena is
on alaska time, seems to kick in about 8am... *S*... my fingers are
hamburger from all the testing, but the spreadsheet I handed over to him
made his eyes light up... we grumbled about this point and that together, a
real team effort and came up with some ideas... thank you all for your
imput... lots of what I've read in this list gave me the ammunition to
discuss with him... he said he learned something from me, and I'm suprised
because he's the only endo within 400 miles that does pumps!!!!!

well, came home, had lunch, did the ratio and waited impatiently for the
usual 3 hours for the H to chew it's way through my bg's... well, for
supper, I had my first food fest since becoming D almost 2 years ago!!! and
I do mean food fest!!!!! was at 119 1 1/2 hours, grazed another slice
*slab* of home made bread and butter, no bolus and was at 137 an hour
later... right now riding a comfortable 115... the freedon is amazing!!!!!!!

this is the closest thing to being normal that I can imagine right now...
have been grieving for a long time now for the way life used to be for
me... missing foods that I love, no not all junk foods... like salmon with
mango sauce * yes, I love to cook... *S* *... was always blessed with a
fast metabolism, so weight was never an issue... *S*

don't think that a non diabetic could understand this feeling, sorry
parents and significant others... there is no way I'd ever go back to shots
after today... too bad my soon-to-be-x 'quit' his job as husband because he
couldn't handle the stress of diabetes... his loss now for sure... *S*

just needed to share... *S*

Ellen B-C

"If you are a good economist, a virtuous economist, you are
reborn as a physicist. But if you are an evil, wicked
economist, you are reborn as a sociologist." --Paul Krugman

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