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: [IP] A young persons view of diabetes and the pump

Michael and Lily,

  Wow - thank you Lily, for writing this essay. Once again I am reminded that
even though Amy and I are very close, I'm sure there are hidden feelings there
that she is afraid to share. She tries to be brave all the time and act like
it's no big deal, but I'm sure deep inside, or maybe not so deep inside, it's
a huge deal to have diabetes! Your essay will help me be a better parent and
friend to Amy, keeping in mind that some of her actions shouldn't always be
attributed to hormones or low bg - but just the fact that she is dealing with
so very much. Michael, thank you for sharing the essay - how proud you and
Mimi must feel!

Sue Tappendorf
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/