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[IP] Fixed Bolus amounts

For what its worth, Carbohydrate counting works for me at carb amounts less
than 100 but over that I can not take more insulin, or I go low.  I count
carbs up to an amount that indicates 8 units of H but above 108 carbs (13.5
:1) I stop.  Since I usually eat more than 108 carbs (for dinner at least),
carb counting works for me usually only for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  I
routinely eat a big bowl of pasta for dinner measuring 200 carbs.  Would
anyone out there take 14.8 units of H for this?  I can guarnatee such a dose
would have me low in 2 hours.   Yet 8 units seems to cover this fine -- as
well as a meal containing only 108 carbs.


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