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Hi Craig,

The first time I had laser treatment for retinopathy was approx. 1980.
Needless to say, I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure.
However........It wasn't as bad as I had worried myself into believing.
Over the course of about 12 years after the initial treatment, I had
roughly "about" 15 additional treatments. Each procedure took approx. 20
to 30 minutes to complete. Of the 15 treatments I received, only one
required injection into the eye for anesthetization. This was because a
very sensitive part of the eye was being lasered and the opthamologist
didn't want me to move my eye. Usually laser procedure can be performed
by using just a simple eye drop that both dilates and anesthetize the

One thing I found helpful. About 30 minutes before the treatment I took
two Tylenol tablets which seemed to relax and help me with any
discomfort. After the treatment make sure you have sunglasses when you
drive home.

Good luck with the procedure!


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