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Re: [IP] dating and diabetes

Hi Julie,
I ahve experienced something like this also.  I was married in 1987 and one
eve about 9 mos later, my hubby came home from work.  I had a Doc appt that
day.  I wa told that i would need a kidney transplant within 3-5 yrs.  He came
home the next night and said that he loved me, but DIDNT want to be married
anymore. I was never given a reason for the divorce.  I suspevt that he
couldnt handle the health problems, although we had been together for 4.5 yrs
B4 the wedding.
All i knoiw is that it is HIS LOSS!!!
Take Care,
 dx at age 9 mos (1967)
kidney/pancreas tx 2/93
lost pancreas 4/97
pumping since 1/98
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