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Re: [IP] Re: Places to put pump

At 12:44 PM 1/22/1999  Lisa Olson wrote:
>I have an idea!  I think they should make a "teeth holder"!  I usually hold 
>my little friend in my teeth as I am changing or getting dressed.  It would 
>be great if they could rubberize one end, so I didn't have to worry about it 
>falling out. :-)
>P.S. The only wierd thing is when it gives me my basal every 3 minutes, it 
>rattles my whole head.  Maybe rubberizing it would help that, too?

You may need to check with your dentist before doing this any more... it
could be shaking out your fillings... <vbg>

I usually just toss it on the bed while I dress... seems to work OK. How
about a neck-cord?? Then it could be just "hanging around", while dressing.


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