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[IP] Lilly's essay

Oh Lilly!

That was an incredible essay!  You are very articulate and I am grateful
that your Dad shared it with us!  It needs to stay somewhere (Kids are
Pumping?) permanently for others to read. 

I believe that Lauren has gone through much the same process as you have
Lilly.  I think the pump took a tremendous burden off of her shoulders.

I am going to keep your essay, if that is OK with you... to share with
others who are thinking about the pump.  

And, altho I would do anything to take away the diabetes from Lauren and
the kids (and adults) I have grown to love, I do believe that for most of
you, diabetes has made you better and stronger people as evidenced in your
essay.  And that is what life is about.

You are very special and an inspiration, Lilly!

Diane Massey

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