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Re: [IP] Re;A young persons view of diabetes and the pump


Being a parent of a diabetic child I understand what you are saying (that we
don't really know the feelings inside).  This group and other groups dealing
with diabetes have really helped me to know how my son feels.  I can remember
years ago people on one of the groups talking about just how awful they feel
with a bad reaction (not unconscious - just a bad reaction) and I've always
tried to hold him or  now that he's bigger than me I still always try to be
there when it happens at home or when we're together and just give him whatever
physical support or emotional support he needs.  I've also passed these feelings
on the my EMT instructor when talking about dealing with post-seizure patients
and treating them gently - I mentioned that this was also a good thing to teach
about treating a diabetic when they get called for a insulin reaction.

It's great belonging to these groups that can help us do a better job at helping
our kids.

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