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Re: [IP] Any Canadians or Maritimers


I am Canadian too and live in Vancouver

There seems to be a definite swing in prices depending on where you get
things.  I have been getting my MiniMed supplies from my local pharmacy and
they told me that a box of Sofsets is going up $50 on Feb 1 due to an
increase from MiniMed.  I don't know if that is in general or just my rep.
I am currently paying $10 per non-QR Sofset.

I put my price list on my web page because so many people were asking about
how much a pump costs to run.  If you want to compare it to yours, my url
is <http://www3.bc.sympatico.ca/mappa_mundi/pumpcost.htm>.  I think it
would be interesting to see who pays what where and find out if we can be
getting better deals somewhere.

I also would be interested in talking to other Canadians about things like
our insurance and things that are unique to Canadians and was thinking we
could have a low tech Mini-IP list.  If you are interested, e-mail me and
we can talk more about it off-group.  There is also a Canadian chat site
for people with diabetes that we could use if anyone wants to.

type 1, 19 years
pump, 14 years

email @ redacted                             Vancouver, BC, Canada

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/