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Re: [IP] dating and diabetes

I once has a guy dump me, his reasoning being that he was terrified of shots
and couldn't handle being around me because I took them.  I always felt like I
would never meet anyone who would want to "deal" with my diabetes.  Would they
really know what the future held for them if they stayed with me, or even
married me?  But then again I always thought I would be dead before I turned
20.  People fear what they are ignorant of.  Like the child who sees a shadow
on its wall, and is not aware of what a shadow is.  Scares the bacheebees out
of them.  I see the same scenario with having a disease.  People don't
understand it so they fear it.  Look at AIDS, so many people would kill
themselves just to get away from someone with AIDS.  Running scared right into
a truck!  Just because they are ignorant of the disease.  Maybe my analogies
are off, but I think my point was made. 
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