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Re: [IP] dating and diabetes

At 11:49 PM 1/21/1999  Kenneth L. Bernstein wrote:
>Dear Julie,
>I was 19 when a girl I dated all through high school broke up with me
>because her parents told her because of my diabetes I would be disabled
>early in life and she would need to spend so much of her time as my
>She married two years later to a dentist who eventually became her
>caretaker.  She developed a disease that rendered her immune system to
>be very fragile.  At 35 she no longer could function normally.  She was
>so lucky to find such a caring man who has to this day stood by her and
>has been her caretaker.

This only goes to show that life is a gamble... there are no guarantees and
no way to predict the future. When you marry or begin any other long-term
relationship, it is for better and for worse... and, you just have to hope
that there is more better than worse...  :-)

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