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At 08:10 AM 1/22/1999  Fran Baumgartner wrote:
>Ok, I have to speak up.  Go for the Swiss, Swiss is always the best made!!!!
><VBG> ( I am a Swiss Citizen as well as US ) I did not purchase my Discetronic
>because of this though.

Both pumps are very well made and I don't think that this, by itself,
should be a decision factor. Just like the never-ending battle between
Ford, Chevy and Chrysler, there are loyalists on every side. The bottom
line is that you will be happy with either one.

Much more important than the brand of pump you choose is the motivation and
training you have in its use. As I constantly say, the pump is just a tool.
The main differences come from what goes on between the ears, not from what
is clipped to the belt. <vbg>


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