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[IP] alone and liking it

I haven't been on a lot lately, because of puter problems, but it is nice to
be able to access without getting kicked out as the beast would see fit.   I
have been in a mental blitz anyway.  I have been in a relationship that was
causing more stress, grief, and the rest for over a period of time.   I
weighed the good and the bad, and always thought that the good still
outweighed the bad, and kept trying harder.   I was the only one trying; so
the of course the good finally left for more bad.   I recently moved out,
and am living alone.   I like it.   I think that it will get better with
time, and I really wasn't with anyone who cared anyway, so it's just that
now I don't have the long drive to be there. 8^)
I am healing after my surgery on my rotary cuff (full decompression) and the
pain is quite bad at times, and that is not when I'm in P.T. either!  *S*
But it is healing!  Will be back soon.  I wouldn't have it anyother way!
I am glad that a chatroom will soon be on line, as this gives me something
to do when I am up without a clue as to what I am doing, and it is too early
in the A.M. here to walk the dog.   ( did that make sense?)   Anyway, I love
this place.  Thank you everyone for all your important sharing, it makes my
day, and my life a little easier!
Laurie B.

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