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Re: [IP] Fixed bolus amounts

In a message dated 1/22/99 2:15:37 AM Central Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< No point in having a pump. You can do that with shots. The point of a 
 pump is to enable you to match your insulin needs as closely 
 as possible by administering insulin with a basal rate that matches 
 those requirements and with boluses that match your carbo intake.

I completely agree with Michael on this.  Our Endo feels the same way about
"fixed boluses".   Basically, I play the game with him and adjust on our own.
I found with our Endo there is NO reasoning with this issue so I just play the
game and do what we want on our own.  It would be nice if we had the complete
support of our Endo but we don't.  We are the first patients in his practice
that he has put on a pump so I am sure he is very cautious and conservative in
his approach.    He is slowly changing on his viewpoints so hopefully he will
change on this one in the future as well.  In the meantime we have our pump
and that is all that matter!
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