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At 06:00 PM 1/21/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>When I chose between the two pumps, the most important difference was that
>Minimed has a back lit display.  My night vision is pathetic and it really
>helps to have the back lit display.  Also, I was suspicious about the fact
>that Disetronic gives you two pumps.  The machine should be reliable enough I
>thought that it should not be necessary to give two pumps. 

True the backlighting would be great if the disetronic got that... but
about the comment about giving you two pumps because of unreliable.. that
is not true.. the reason why the two pumps are given out is because yes the
disetronic as well as the MM do break or start to act weird.. the reason
they give you another is so that you don't have to alter your treatment
while they get another pump to you..  for me it is just more of a mental
(the best treatment is the one that doesn't stop)

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