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Re: [IP] RE:Going to disneyland

I'll stand corrected on that one.  I was trying to think beyond burgers and
fries.  (I used to think I wasn't eating bad when I had a Carl's Jr. - Santa
Fe Chicken Sandwich until I finally read the nutritional information that said
how much fat was in it.)

As, I had said earlier in my same note,  I would still suggest bringing in
your own lunch to Disneyland.  (They have never stopped me.)  Or grabbing
something from someplace close by where you know the food.  I will look closer
on my next visit, but the Disneyland park itself is not a low-fat (magic?)

Hopefully Laura had a great time at Disneyland, and found or brought in some
low fat food.


>From email @ redacted

Glenn, I can't imagine what you eat normally, if you recommend French food
for its low fat qualities LOL. My experiences in French restaurants and
with french cooking is that they start every dish with 2 sticks of butter,
then add some mayo and olive oil sauces for flavor :-)

<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
I live about 12 miles from Disneyland and have the following suggestions for
There is also the French Cafe in New Orleans Sq. the Blue Bayou and some other
places with less fatty food.<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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