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[IP] Going low

I also can go very low and still be 'with it'.  The pump has made me 
more aware of lows, which is a big help.  I went on the pump mostly to 
prevent early morning lows.
And no, you don't sound silly at all--I thought many things too, mostly 
b'c of lack of education.
~Heather(email @ redacted)
Age 17, dx'd age 5
pumping 1.5 yrs
ICQ #25832056

----Original Message Follows----
From: email @ redacted
I'm new at this computer so please bear with me.  I do not know how to 
type my
own notes I  just reply :).

Anyway, my question is about bg's.....how low can other people go?????I 
readings 32, 28, 40's sometimes I'm so low the meter just says LO and I 
know what I'm doing which is getting to sugar fast. I check my meter and 
it is
reading correctly.  How come I read post that say "at 62  I was out of 
it".  I
was just wondering about that.  I'm having alot of control problems 
lately and
my doctor feels if I go on the pump it might help.  I really hope this 
will help me like it helps all of you on this site.
Karen  from NJ
diabetic 30 years     Oh, I was suppose to go on the pump 2 years ago 
but I
was afraid. I go so low and I don't know it.....I thought maybe the pump 
do me in :).....sounds scilly?????

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