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[IP] time flies

hi kids

just wanted to say a quick hi and an anniversary thanks to the "old timers" on
the list - it was one year ago today I was put in the hospital with supposed
diverticultis.  Thanks to you guys, my porta-pancreas, and my undefatigable
determintion not to let any "medical professional" mess with me, I made it
through the misdiagnosis and horrible, invasive tests....with blood sugars
right on target...despite their efforts to confuse and kill me...is it saline?
is it dextrose, do we treat the low with food or do we let her die...hmmmmm -
the fact that I ended up in ER again 2 weeks later in Chicago with a ruptered
appendix notwithstanding, the calls and faxes I got from this group were so

This is a great group...and, just as a warning...I am heading to Chicago again
in 2 weeks.  My tonsils are fine - are there any more disposable body parts I
should be worried aobut?

whose workouts are under $10 each!!!!
*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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