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RE: [IP] Where are you?

My cats also love the tubing.  Especially when I put the pump on the bed
while I'm getting dressed and thus move it around!  They also like playing
with the other stuff when I'm changing my infusion set.  But they haven't
been too bad yet.


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> Hi, Linda,
> Glad to have you with us.
> I am a cat lover, actually a fanatic, also.  For many years, before I got
> the
> pump, I worried that my cat who likes to eat plastic would be attracted to
> the
> tubing. And guess what -- it seems to be the best cat toy in the world to
> her,
> and one of the few things I need to deprive her of (she is very spoiled,
> about
> to turn 19 in April).  If she even sees the tubing, she goes after it. Be
> careful.
> Phyllis Dobin
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