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Re: [IP] Health insurance in DC/MD/VA area

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From: Miranda Miller <email @ redacted>

>There are my plan choices:
>Two Point of Service Plans:  Aetna or Prudential
>HMO in this area:  Cigna, Kaiser, NYLCare

I live in WV and my husband's company is headquartered in VA.  We have Cigna
through his employer and it's good and bad.  Our plan will not cover the
cost of pump supplies (luckily my insurance at work does!), but it will pay
100% of your BG testing meters and strips.  You can get a 3-month supply of
Insulin for 1 small co-payment too.  We are fortunate not to have any HMOs
where I live yet , or else we would have to comply with this aspect.
Hope this helps!

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/