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Re: [IP] Pregnancy Risks w/ Pump


"Sweet Success" is the general program name and most areas have one.  They are currently putting women not on the pump on it for the duration of their pregnancies.    Generally, pregnancies for women over 35 are classified as "high risk" which just means that the statistical chances of certain problems like Down Syndrome and twins (which are more stressful to the body) are greater than they are before 35.  Those risks increase as you age, so the longer you wait the more they go up.  More and more
women are having babies in their 40s and often they are very successful.  B/c of the statistical risk, you will be tested frequently and sometimes that can make it seem that things are more dire than they actually are.  The diabetic risks are hard to quantify and some people will tell you no way and others that it could work.  You will need to come to terms with how you would deal with kidney or preclampsia problems or possibly a miscarriage.  If you can live with the risk, some prenatal centers
might give you the go ahead.

Hope that helps a little!

Good luck,


"Frank W. Tegethoff, jr." wrote:

> Laurel,
>   No you are not crazy.  I think that some of the ladies could fill you in on all of the specifics of  a diabetic pregnancy.  The only thing that I can suggest is to start talking to your hubby and to your endo.  I sounds like you have a lot of questions.  I use the pump clinic at UCSF, they also have a 'Sweet Success' program for diabetics looking to have children.  A lot has changed in the last 10 years.  You may be surpised to find that doing this may not be a risky as it once may have been.
>  The very best of luck.
> Frank
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