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[IP] Health insurance in DC/MD

                              - - Answer - - 
         January 21, 1999      3:30pm   MAIL IS -
   FROM: Gloria Ross, M.D.               Private     
     TO: Miranda Miller                  
SUBJECT: [IP] Health insurance in DC/MD  

Check last month's Consumer reports; they surveyed health insurance co. but 
remember it differs by state and by the policy your company gets.  Another 
popular magazine also has rated HOM's lately, can't remember which one.

                               - - Mail - - 
         January 21, 1999      3:09pm   MAIL IS -
   FROM: Miranda Miller                  Private     
     TO: GLORIAR                         
SUBJECT: [IP] Health insurance in DC/MD  

I just moved to Alexandria, VA and my new job offers me different types of 
insurance.  Obviously it's very important that I have a company that is good 
to diabetics and especially has a record of approving pumps, since my old 
company is trying to take away my pump.

There are my plan choices:

Two Point of Service Plans:  Aetna or Prudential HMO in this area:  Cigna, 
Kaiser, NYLCare 
Does anyone know about the differences in these companies, or whether it's 
better to get the POS or HMO?

Thank you!

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