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One of the videos from MiniMed isn't very professional, but I wouldn't judge
the whole company or the quality of the product from that.  However, I was
impressed with the Disetronic videos, but wonder if that quality was
indicative.  I kinda agree with the person who said "Buy American" (as long
as the price is the same).


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> Subject: 	Re: [IP] WHICH PUMP IS BEST
> At 05:59 AM 1/21/1999  pat & dave springall wrote:
> >Good Luck in your choice.. but going on the pump is the best choice..
> Yes!! I would recommend getting the promotional literature and the
> video-tapes from both companies. Keep an open mind and go through both of
> them. Talk to your doctor and/or CDE. Ask them which type they have the
> most experience with, because they're the people you're going to rely on
> for pumping startup and help afterwards. Then, make your decision based on
> your own preferences and needs. Your choice doesn't have to based on
> anything profound... we have people here that chose their pump just
> because
> they liked the way it looked or because of the color. If necessary, just
> flip a coin! :-}
> Please note: if you get sales calls from the pump reps, totally disregard
> any negative information they give about the other brand... they are just
> trying to make a sale and they are not providing objective information.
> Which ever pump you get, you'll be happy with it. Good pumping!!
> Sam
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