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Re: [IP] CME for Primary Care Docs

Aloha Doc -

Don't know where you can start but do not forget about type II's who may 
benefit from the pump too.              Gordon

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>I totally agree!  The Family Docs and Pediatricians out there have no
>knowledge of insulin pumps at all.  Unfortunately, not many of them 
>the ADA conferences either.  From a marketing approach, I would think 
>would pay a company like MiniMed to educate the primary care providers 
>they care for many of the type I's out there.  Even if they were not 
>to prescribe the pump themselves, they could at least know enough about 
>pump to recognize an appropriate patient for referral for a pump.  I 
gave my
>talk two weeks ago to our medical staff (mostly family docs and peds 
>up) and many told me that they had never heard of the insulin pump; 
some of
>them were unaware of Lispro even!
>	Anyway,  I'll do whatever I can to educate those in my profession
>re: pumps because it's the only way to go!  (Anyone have any idea where 
>should start?)					Ellen, MD from PA
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