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[IP] Fitness Magazine-Type I

Do you any of you read fitness magazine?  They had one of those 'Body
Makeover' articles where an overweight couple describes how they lost
weight and became fit.  There was a sentence in there that bugged me:
"Although ... Rich's mother was an insulin-dependent diabetic, they never
worried about their health or appearance."

Does Rich really have to worry about inheriting his mom's disease due to
his weight?  
While it makes sense for diabetics' relative to stay healthy because they
know what illness can do to a person, how physically fit one is really
doesn't contribute to their chances of getting *Type I* diabetes, does it?
After 3 years, I've finally managed to convince myself that getting Type I
wasn't because I ate too much sugar as a kid... I'm planning to write in
to the magazine to correct them because I think a magazine called Fitness
should understand diabetes... but, does anyone disagree with this



Miranda Miller
University of Michigan

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/