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[IP] Finally pumping..well, almost

Yesterday I finally started on the pump!  I am only pumping saline until next
Friday, but am finding the pump to be very user friendly.  I have spent the
morning "altering" my wardrobe.  I liked the idea about opening up pocket
seams but was concerned about the seams coming apart after repeated washings,
wear, etc., so I have used my sewing machine to make a buttonhole inside the
pockets.  I then threaded the tubing through the buttonhole and it works
great!  Of course, Goodwill will probably wonder what all these buttonholes
are for when I donate my clothing later on!  I can't remember who asked
recently about wearing the pump with nightgowns/pajamas without pockets, but
if you have a case with a clip, try clipping it through a buttonhole.  Hope
all of you are having as great a day as I am!  Thanks one and all for your
input on my questions prior to starting with my pump.
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