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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #760


The the idea that the "fetal" is alive is still in debate.  You have your opinion I have
mine.  It's apparent that you must be against abortion and I am pro choice.  But I don't
think it's necessary to debate that issue here.

Thanks for your input.

> The use of animals for research is legal, ethical, and necessary. It probably does make
> some people uncomfortable. Those same people would be very uncomfortable at a
> slaughterhouse or watching a factual nature video. I understand that. What I don't
> understand is how people who are sensative to the plight of frankly useless
> animals exhibit little or no compassion for baby humans.

Because it's not a baby, in my opinion and with information I have read.  Again this goes
back to the debate of abortion...

> The fact that abortion is "legal" is irrelevant. If the murder of adult humans was also
> "legal" would you have no problem using the bodies of murdered adults for research?

I never said to go out and "murder" people intentionally.  But when I die I hope they use
my body for research if feasible after x number of years of diabetes.  Bottom line I won't
need that body after I am dead.

> Laws change very rapidly based on the whim of whoever happens to be making them, so
> it's not a strictly academic question. The Nazi's used Jews for "medical research"
> after they had devalued them as people much in the same way that we've devalued the
> unborn. In their eyes that was also "legal". Do you also see no problem with that?

Of course I see a huge problem with that.  I also never ever said to intentionally to kill

> I'm sure this will unleash a fire-storm. But if it causes you to rethink acceptance of
> something so barbaric as using unborn babies for research subjects, that's ok.

We all have our opinions and I wish you would respect me for mine as I am for yours.  I did
not attack anyone in my email and feel very attacked by you.  Bottom line you think
abortion is killing, I don't.


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