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At 05:59 AM 1/21/1999  pat & dave springall wrote:
>Good Luck in your choice.. but going on the pump is the best choice..

Yes!! I would recommend getting the promotional literature and the
video-tapes from both companies. Keep an open mind and go through both of
them. Talk to your doctor and/or CDE. Ask them which type they have the
most experience with, because they're the people you're going to rely on
for pumping startup and help afterwards. Then, make your decision based on
your own preferences and needs. Your choice doesn't have to based on
anything profound... we have people here that chose their pump just because
they liked the way it looked or because of the color. If necessary, just
flip a coin! :-}

Please note: if you get sales calls from the pump reps, totally disregard
any negative information they give about the other brand... they are just
trying to make a sale and they are not providing objective information.

Which ever pump you get, you'll be happy with it. Good pumping!!


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