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I agree with most of the messages sent.  The one from Richard I think it was
I disagree with.  Pump yes!  Choose the pump that works best for you!

I chose Disetronic because of it being waterproof and not having to
disconnect.  I was on a pump back in the 80's and I HATED having to
disconnect.  I was just at a pumpers group and this one woman said there was
no way she'd get in the shower with a pump, tube, and plastic bag hanging
around her neck.  Obviously for her disconnecting is not a problem.  Another
big difference I think between the pumps is the Square wave.  Personally I
don't have a lot of use for it but when I do it's possible to program my pump
to do this.  I share these stories so you can see how truly individualized
this process and decision is.  I honestly believe that both pumps are surely
good it's just what makes you the most comfortable.  Good Luck with your


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