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[IP] CME for Primary Care Docs

I totally agree!  The Family Docs and Pediatricians out there have no
knowledge of insulin pumps at all.  Unfortunately, not many of them attend
the ADA conferences either.  From a marketing approach, I would think it
would pay a company like MiniMed to educate the primary care providers since
they care for many of the type I's out there.  Even if they were not going
to prescribe the pump themselves, they could at least know enough about the
pump to recognize an appropriate patient for referral for a pump.  I gave my
talk two weeks ago to our medical staff (mostly family docs and peds showed
up) and many told me that they had never heard of the insulin pump; some of
them were unaware of Lispro even!
	Anyway,  I'll do whatever I can to educate those in my profession
re: pumps because it's the only way to go!  (Anyone have any idea where I
should start?)					Ellen, MD from PA
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